Saturday, March 21, 2009

Favorite Products Friday: DeRosa Spinach Ravioli

I know this is late, but.....

We went to Pastosa Ravioli - a small pasta maker chain in the NYC area last week (me? at an Italian market? Never would have thought it!) . Ant noticed when he drove by that they now sold gluten-free goodies. So, when we went in and shopped, I picked up two types of ravioli, crostini, bread crumbs, chestnut flour, dried pasta, and STROMBOLI. Yep. Gluten-free stromboli. (I'll blog about it soon)

So, today, we decided to have ravioli. I opted for the DeRosa Spinach Ravioli. It's made with Domata Living Flour.

The wait was sooo worth it. The pasta tasted just like what I remember the gluteny pasta. The filling was rich, creamy, and full of spinach. The pasta was so filling I could only eat six perfect pillows of pasta! *sigh*

To top it off....I had this to drink:

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GFE--gluten free easily said...

That looks terrific. It looks like it held up well, too. Our group was provided some complimentary Conte's gluten-free cheese ravioli a while back and it would completely fall apart when cooked, even following directions and undercooking. It, too, was made from Domata Living Flour. Fortunately, I made a baked ravioli dish so it wasn't a huge deal when it fell apart because it was covered by sauce. But, I could have never served it like your picture. I hope that pasta company expands its market. :-)