Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shredded Pork Tacos

I'm a big fan of the magazine Real Simple. I started reading it when I moved to New York. The organizational tips alone have been a lifesaver. Every so often I find a recipe in the magazine that I have to make for one reason or another. This month? Shredded Pork Tacos.

For those that don't know me that well, there are two foods that I won't eat - veal and pork products. I have never liked veal and once I dissected a fetal pig in Ms. Nathanson's AP Bio class in high school I haven't been able to eat pork. (FYI - we named our fetal pig Henrietta)

There are two exceptions to this rule, though - bacon and pulled pork. Bacon is obvious, pulled pork isn't. Ant thinks that I enjoy pulled pork because it's smothered in sauce and you can't tell that it's pork. He's probably right.

We ended up loving this dish. We'd make this again in a heartbeat. I used corn tacos, while Ant had flour tacos. Just keep in mind that it makes a lot of pulled pork. The wee one didn't want tacos, he opted for waffles. But, he loves limes.

Pulled Pork Tacos
adapted from Real Simple


  • 2 cups of store bought salsa (I put in a jar and 1/2 of Tostitos Medium salsa)
  • 4-6 tbs of chili powder, heaping (I used "hot" Mexican style chili powder)
  • 2 tbs of dried oregano
  • 2 tbs of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Kosher salt
  • 1 2 1/2 lb boneless pork butt or shoulder, trimmed of excess fat
  • soft tortillas
  • sour cream
  • guacamole
  • shredded cheese
  • one lime, wedged


  1. Spray your 4-6 qt. crockpot with cooking spray;
  2. In the crockpot, combine the salsa, chili powder, cocoa, and 1 tsp of salt. Mix.
  3. Add pork to the crockpot and turn to coat.
  4. Cook until meat is tender and pulls apart easily (4-5 hrs on high, 7-8 on low)
  5. Heat tortillas according to instructions;
  6. Using two forks, shred the pork and stir into the cooking liquid;
  7. Serve with the warmed tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, shredded cheese, lime, and extra salsa.

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RecipeGirl said...

yummy! I love a good crockpot recipe for easy meal times :)

GF Steph said...

Wow! This looks so easy! I just made shredded pork tacos about a week and a half ago that were really good, but were SO labor intensive! I'll have to give this a try!

Emma said...

I saw this recipe too and was tempted to try I've seen your write-up I'm definitely going to make them this week & can't wait to try! YUM!!! Thanks for writing these up!
Emma (from