Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Product Review Part 1: Shabtai Gourmet/Cinderella Sweets

Last week, I received an email from Andrew, the Director of Sales from Cinderella Sweets - the makers of the Shabtai Gourmet line baked goods asking if I would review their products. After reading the email, I was up in the air on whether I should do it. I spoke with Ant about it, and he pointed out that it was a good idea for the following reasons:
  1. It's a local company. That there aren't that many manufacturers left in New York City. Plus, we try to eat local produce and meats/poultry, so we should eat local processed foods;
  2. It's a Kosher company, specifically the products are Kosher for Passover & Kosher Parve. Neither Ant and I are Jewish, but we live and work in areas that have large Jewish populations. When Passover comes around, all of our supermarkets become a playground for the gluten-free. Last year, I was able to get a huge variety of pastas, starches, cake mixes, and baked goods at my local Stop and Shop during the holidays. Both Anthony and I remember Shabtai Gourmet boxes in the bakery area of the Kosher for Passover section of our Stop and Shop. Plus, as a wee one, I wasn't able to have any dairy products and my mom looked and bought baked goods based on the Kosher Parve (certified Kosher non-dairy) symbol.
  3. Their foods are Gluten Free, Casein Free, Lactose Free, Soy Free, and Dairy Free.

So, I decided to email back Andrew to do the review since the products are both local and convenient! Andrew sent me over a variety of goods:

  • Ring Tings;
  • Brownie Bites;
  • Meltaway Cookies;
  • Florentine Lace Cookies;
  • Lady Fingers;
  • Jelly Roll;
  • Pread Crumbs

Oh, what do we try first?


Jenny said...

Hey, I did not get any Florentine Lace Cookies!! Dammit Andrew!! Just kidding, I couldn't eat another sweet if I wanted to at this point. Have fun with your treats!!