Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mondale's Got the Beef

So, I took the wee one voting today. HE LOVES VOTING. He went with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law earlier. He knew how to use the lever and the little switches. Scary. Just like mom...

When I was a little lass I hung on every last word of my grandfather. Pop-Pop was a diehard Democrat. Diehard. I used to campaign with him for the democratic party. During the '84 election, he got me a pin that said "Mondale Got the Beef" - a play on the old Wendy's ads. I wore that pin as proudly as my brownie uniform. My brother and I went with my parents to vote that year - duh, he was 10, I was 8. I was in the booth with my mom....when she selected Reagan, I flipped out. I started yelling at her - demanding why she was voting for Reagan. I was "telling" her that another four years with Reagan was going to ruin our future and his economic policies weren't sound. We were asked to leave. I was grounded. I love voting.


Rachel said...

Kids in the voting booth? You betcha! Way to go GF Shaolin Master.