Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gluten-Free on Emeril Green, again?!?!

Emeril did it AGAIN. He did another episode on Emeril Green on gluten-free cooking! If he was in front of me (or at least on Staten Island), I'd kiss him. Really.
He opened the show by walking around Whole Foods asking customers what they would do if they couldn't eat bread anymore - one of the responses was that they'd contact Emeril! Also, Vanessa Maltin from NFCA was on the show. Vanessa did a great job explaining the uses different flours and xantham gum. Plus, she had a variety of products and baked goods. The only negative about her presentation was that she brought up that some flours have a "beany" taste, without explaining about bean flours.
Emeril did a great job at explaining that the dry ingredients must be sifted together before adding the wet ingredients and that when gluten-free that you'll need a lot of room in your pantry for all the flours. He also pointed out that you need to watch out for your toppings with pizza - that if you put too many moist toppings on the gf dough, the dough will be too moist and not cook right.
His recipes:


Rachel said...

I just "stumbled upon" your website. It's great. I don't have cable, so didn't know about Emeril's gluten-free experiments, so this is great news for me. Another gluten-free pizza crust to try is great.