Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GF Restaurant Review: PF Changs

The one food that I have missed since going gluten-free has been chinese. There is a small chinese restaurant not to far away from me that only uses white meat, fresh veggies from the greenmarket, and lean cuts of beef that I used to love going to. But, I was too freaked out about cross contamination issues to even attempt to eat it. I've made some attempts to make chinese food at home, a favorite recipe has been Sweet and Sour Chicken from Gluten-Free Sox Fan. But, to my husband, it was still not the same.

This past weekend our family had a going away dinner for my parents, who are moving to Central Florida to what we call a Disneyland for Adults...lol Originally, my parents were thinking about going to a steakhouse, but I was craving chinese food badly. So, I looked up PF Changs, and realized that there is one equidistant from my family and my parents. That's where we went.

As soon as we sat down and I was looking at the GF menu, I was in heaven. The waiter, noticed my menu and made sure we had the GF soy sauce on the table. We ordered two plates of the GF version of Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps. They were quite tasty. My mom couldn't figure out what the different ingredient was in the non-GF ones. She said they tasted the same...awesome!

For dinner, I ordered the GF Singapore Street Noodles with the GF Shanghai Cucumbers. The Singapore Noodles are shrimp, chicken, and rice noodles stir-fried in a curry sauce. My 2 1/2 year old was going bonkers over it. I had to fight him to get to the plate! The dish was light and flavorful and the curry wasn't overpowering. The Shanghai Cucumbers are sliced cucumbers, seeded, tossed in soy sauce and white & black sesame seeds. This week I am buying cucumbers and sesame seeds so I can make these all the time. I could live off these they were that good!!!

I wanted to stay for dessert (how many places really have GF Chocolate Cake?), but we decided to walk off our dinner. The only negative was that when they boxed our leftovers, they put the GF stuff and the gluten stuff in the same bag. The gluten stuff leaked and got into the gf stuff. So my husband got a lot of leftovers!


Susanne said...


I have a recipe for sweet and sour chicken. I'll have to post it...not sure if you can make it GF or not, but hopefully so..It is a good recipe and very easy.