Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why I need a Whole Foods in the Shaolin

Staten Island needs a Whole Foods. We really need a Whole Foods. I travel to New Jersey twice, sometimes three times a month to shop at Whole Foods (w/Bridge & Highway Tolls). Yeah, there are natural food superettes on Staten Island - but they don't have the selection and/or quality that Whole Foods offers. Yeah, there are supermarkets on Staten Island, but they have no idea what good quality healthy food is. Then there is the whole gluten-free angle. I wanted to make millet-oatmeal bread. The health food store was out of GF Millet and GF Oat Flours. None of the supermarkets had millet or oat flour (even non-gluten free). Let's not even talk about the Beer. There is one restaurant on the Island that I know I can get a fantastic GF meal w/ a nice GF beer (LOVE YOU TUTTORISO). There is only two liquor stores on the Island that sell GF beer (Redbridge) and a six pack costs over $10.00. I'm paying over $10.00 for a six pack of Bud.

At WF, I can get Redbridge for under $10.00, plus Bards Tale, Greens, etc.
When we go to Whole Foods, I'm practically in tears when I walk in the door. The produce, the meats, the fish, the GF goodies, the marshmallows (my family LIVES on their marshmallows), and everything else. Let us not forget the awesome staff at Whole Foods. They will help you find what you need. They are always smiling. They care.
Please, Whole Foods open up on Staten Island. I'll bake you brownies. Please?????


Anonymous said...

Any luck on getting a whole foods opened in SI? I would love it, my daughter has tons of allergies and I go back and forth to NJ often for whole foods. Let me know if I can help.
-Allergy Mom