Friday, July 18, 2008

Guidos and the like....

There has been some recent press regarding comments that the mayor of Belmar, New Jersey wrote in a newsletter for his town. (check out ) I think this is hysterically funny. The whole lot of it. Mind you, I live in Staten Island, but I'm born and bred in Jersey. And my husband is from Brooklyn.

There is a stereotype of Staten Island people. Big hair, orange skin, and Italian. Also, horrendous accents. Granted, they do exist - in different forms. Some aren't Italian. Some don't have big hair. But, they are around. Some are nice - some are jerks. Most people from Staten Island are actually not like that. Just hard working, civil servants. Plus, the same stereotype exists about people from New Jersey - but we should just add in the mafia stereotype!

I never had the urge to get a summer share. Most of them are nasty. A friend had one a few years back in Belmar and the shower was outside. I can't stand clubs. There is always tensions between the year around residents and the summer people. To me, it was always a waste.

People flood the Jersey Shore from all around the tri-state area and Philly. Yeah, tourists suck, but they money they pay funds police, schools, and fire departments. I remember after September 11th, walking in Times Square and noticing how empty it was. You'd read in the paper about the financial hit the city was taking since there wasn't any tourist dollars coming in. This whole mess probably stems from tourists (which it truly doesn't matter where they are from - when Americans are tourists, they suck) being jerks and townspeople being above them.

Plus, it probably has something to do with Jersey being the butt of all jokes - so they pick on Staten Island....


Carrie said...

Kerrie -- just found your comment on the millet flour that I used in the master mix. I use whatever flours I have on hand for the master mix! Most recently I have brown rice flour, sorghum flour, millet flour, and tapioca flour, so that's what I recently used when I made up a batch! In general when I'm baking I will use up to 1/3 part millet flour in a baking mix. I LOVE millet flour!!